Contacts:  Responsibilities

Esther Bush

Phone: 301-952-6171

Email: esther.bush

*Accounts Payable Manager - Manage the AP department. Ensure compliance of company policies and procedures; Invoice Aging and Statement review; Oracle system maintenance; test and implement changes; Vendor Relations; AP statistics. Back-up for any position, as needed

Wanda Smith

Phone: 301-952-6283

Email: wanda2.smith

*Accountant II -All payments and Payment related functions, Invoice Hold resolution,  1099 Process:  AP Stats; F&N invoices - A thru E.  Back-up for AP Manager and Account Clerk IIIBack-up for any position, as needed

Sarah Harrris

Phone: 301-952-6364

Email: sarah3.harris

*Account Clerk III - iExpense, Non-Local Travel and all other Employee Type Reimbursement, DAs,(except Legal invoices) and F&N Invoices F thru Z. Back-up for Accountant II.

Allison Chung 

Phone: 301-952-6167

Email: Allison.chung

*Account Clerk II –  B, D, Q, S, X, Y, (Back up for 1099 Process) 
Natasha Cohen 

Phone: 301-952-6163  

Email: ncohen

Account Clerk II –  A, E, G, J, K, L, N R, T(except KNeal)

Sandi Brown

Phone:  301-952-6104

Email: casandra.brown  

*Account Clerk II – I, O, P, U, V, W, Z   

Nickoya Hoyte

Phone: 301-952-6165

Email:  nickoya.hoyte 

*Account Clerk II– Treasury Totals; All Statements and Stop Payments: (Back up for Employee Reimbursement review; Imaging and Front Desk Coverage)



*Account Clerk II –  

Susan Frisby

Phone: 301-952-6173

Email:  susan.frisby

*Account Clerk II –  C, F, H, M, and KNeal. (Back up for OfficeMax and Staples, Treasury Totals,  Imaging)

Pamela Weaver

Phone:  301-952-6164  

Email:  Pam.weaver  

*Data Entry/Filing Clerk -  

 New Vendors/Vendor Changes,  Record Retention/Imaging/filing;Backup for Front desk, and Account Clerk I tasks)

Fatima Trent 

Phone: 301-952-6874

Email: fatima.Trent

*Clerk I- Open,  Stamp and Distribute Mail. Handles all incoming calls, order Office Supplies, Maintain Log of Invoice entry Batches.  Maintain incoming log of DAs( Backup for Filing)






Accounts Payable Office
Sasscer Administration Building, Rm 130
(301) 952-6160
(301)952-6166 - fax

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