Technology Education




Technology Education

Department Course Descriptions

Engineering Concepts (1 credit, single mod)+
A full year course that enables students to explore the areas of engineering and technology with laboratory activities that include electronics, energy, and problem solving. Students that are planning to attend college and majoring in engineering or technology should consider taking this course.

Required coursework/Comments:
Students enrolling in this course must have completed Algebra with a grade of B or higher.

Aerospace Engineering Applications (1 credit, single mod)=
In this full year course, students will practice actual aircraft construction techniques, be given introductory flights, participate in private pilot ground school training and explore career opportunities. Through lecture, video instruction and lab activities, students will apply math and science concepts while learning engineering applications related to Aerospace flight.

Required coursework/Comments:
Students enrolling in this course must have completed Engineering Foundations 2 SIT or Engineering Concepts with a minimum grade of B or higher. Concurrent enrollment or successful completion of Geometry is also required.

Information Systems 1 (1 credit, single mod)=
This yearlong course is for students who would like to learn how to use information systems technology for personal and career purposes. Students will be using computer graphics, digital photography, desktop publishing, printing and communication processes for their projects and activities.

Technology Systems 1 (1 credit, single mod)=
This is a yearlong class that explores the systems that permit our civilization to exist and flourish. An ability to understand engineering methods and develop solutions to problems is critical to the highest level of success in this class. Emphasis is placed on research and analytical skills.

Technology Systems 2 (1 credit, single mod)=
This one-credit course provides advanced work in the engineering or other high technology careers. It is especially of value to students who are interested in how things, work and who like to be inventive and apply their ingenuity. Students will use engineering methods and apply tools and materials to solve technological problems.

Required coursework/Comments:
Technology Systems 1

Technology Foundations A (1/2 Credit, single mod)+
This is a semester long class that uses science and math concepts as they apply to technological problems. Students will understand the systems and resources that form our society.

Technology Foundations B (1/2 credit, single mod)+
This semester course is for students who would like an introduction to information systems and communications. Instruction and activities will deal with information processing, graphic communications, technical graphics, application of computers, and graphic reproduction methods.

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