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iSupplier Project

Oracle Internet Supplier Portal enables secure, self-service business transactions between companies and their suppliers through the Internet. This module enables the suppliers to update their profile information, acknowledge purchase orders and send a change request.

iSupplier provides suppliers with the ability to use a standard web browser to directly manage business transactions and access information securely over the internet. It creates a powerful collaborative platform for a buyer to manage relationships with their global supply base. With Oracle Internet Supplier Portal, suppliers can be immediately notified and respond to events in the purchasing and planning process. It provides the framework to enable buyer and supplier to communicate key business transactions while enabling the ability to search, monitor, revise, and review.

WMS Project

Oracle Warehouse Management automates and optimizes material handling processes to reduce labor costs, improve facility utilization, increase order accuracy and provide innovative services to customers. Oracle Warehouse Management supports inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics, finished, raw and work in process materials, manufacturing and distribution environments and advanced value-added services such as kitting and cross docking.

    Streamlining inventory process from goods receiving and storage, to fulfilling, picking, and shipping orders.
    Utilization of Cross Docking functionality.
    Optimize warehouse resources using task management.
    Flexible location system.
    Optimize warehouse space.
    Bar code labeling for locations.
    Utilization of Various put away methods.
    Scan and verify deliveries as they are received right at the dock.