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This full-cycle recruiting solution gives managers, recruiters and candidates the ability to manage every phase of finding, recruiting, hiring, and tracking new employees. Focused on the manager-recruiter-candidate hiring relationship, this end-to-end recruitment offering incorporates all aspects of applicant tracking with capabilities that allow managers, recruiters and candidates to fully manage the entire recruiting cycle via a self-service interface. It systematically identifies which candidates and applicants possess the skills, knowledge and abilities to be considered for a specific vacancy.

There is a transfer piece which enables an employee of Prince George's County Public Schools to apply for a transfer from one school to another school. It enables principals and Human Resource personnel to manage and process the transfer applications via a self-service interface.

Rollout for this project is expected early in 2008.

Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)

This system will provide the employee with the ability to enter their own time cards and provides managers with a robust system for employee time management and approvals.

OTL automates the entire time and attendance record-keeping process and provides an intuitive, web-based interface for time entry and approval. It offers a simplified way to submit, review, track and approve timecards. At the same time, it helps control costs and time worked, consolidate timecard information, and adhere to organizational time management rules. The following is a list of how OTL impacts time entry management at PGCPS and the benefits it will provide in each area:

  • For Time Approvers
    • Provides a ‘Mass Approval’ process for Time Approvers.
    • Time Card approval process can be defined so not all time cards need to be approved. PGCPS can define which used time element and a change to the time card needs approval.
    • An approver can also be defined. An approver can be a supervisor, a named individual, or a workflow can be developed to determine the approver.
    • Approvals are not restricted to the pay period end date as it is currently. The approver can approve time cards or remove approval until the timecards are transferred.
  • For Time Keepers
    • Employees can use a self service web page so employees can complete their individual timecard which reduces or eliminates the time keeper responsibility.
    • Contains the ‘Mass Edit Functionality’. This functionality allows the timekeeper to easily make mass additions, changes and deletions of time data for one or more employee.
  • For Time Entry Rules
    • Time Entry Rules can be created to validate entries before the timecard is saved. This is currently done on a custom form. OTL would eliminate the custom form.
  • For Overtime Abuse
    • An alert and report is available listing employees who’s earning type, location, or organization are not within the variance tracking levels that are defined by PGCPS.