• Parent Information

    10 Questions to ask yourself as a parent:

    1. Have I reviewed my child’s progress reports and report cards?
    2. Have I accessed the SchoolMax Family Portal, regularly, to monitor my child’s progress?
    3. Have I called the school to set up a parent/teacher conference?
    4. Have I attended “Back to School Night” to meet school staff and administration?
    5. Have I asked my child, “How was your day at school today” or “What did you do at school today”?
    6. Have I spoken with my child’s Professional School Counselor regarding your concerns (academic, behavior, social)?
    7. Have I reviewed my child’s “agenda book” or “planner” for my child to assist him/her in being organized?
    8. Have I participated in making sure my child has completed homework?
    9. Have I notified the School Nurse of any health concerns (etc. diabetes, asthma, medications, etc.) that affect my child?
    10. Have I notified the school of address changes and phone number changes?

    PARENTS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – Make sure that you are aware of the high school graduation requirements (course credits, community service hours and High School Assessment (HSA) information).