For questions regarding home schooling enrollment or application into a Prince George's County Public School, please contact

    Nanette A. Betts
    Administrative Secretary
    Phone: (301) 333-1001
    Email: nanette.betts@pgcps.org


    For questions regarding portfolio reviews, Home Schooling curriculum, Umbrella Programs or Non-Public Entities, please contact

    Tynika Strayhorn Lytle
    Instructional Assistant Home Schooling
    Phone: (301) 333-1001

    Contact the Home Schooling Office Instructional Specialist when you have spoken to the Home Schooling Office Instructional Assistant and were unable to find resolution

    Kai D. Ekanem
    Instructional Specialist
    Phone:  (301) 333-1001
    Email: kai.ekanem@pgcps.org