Annapolis Road Academy

Message From The Principal













Greetings Parents, Students, and Community of Annapolis Road Academy,


            My name is KaTrina J. Miller; and I have been bestowed the honor of serving as the Principal of Annapolis Road Academy.  I am extremely honored and pleased with this assignment, as my love for the alternative setting is ceaseless.  My first administrative assignment was in the Annapolis Road building in 1998-2002, so it is extremely exciting to be back in this community. 


I have worked in the Alternative Schools for the past 10 years; and I am eager to continue my valiant efforts towards ensuring all students take advantage of this last chance opportunity to improve both academically and behaviorally.  My commitment to the students begins with the belief that Children Come First.  My belief is that we must create a community of learners, and through teaching and learning be committed to “Moving Students to the Next Level.”   My efforts will be accomplished by fostering collaboration for shared decision-making, continuous improvement, and collective inquiry.


I look forward to meeting each one of you personally and having conversations about your beliefs as they relate to the success of our students.  I invite you, as a stakeholder, to come and be involved in all aspects of our students’ future to orient them to the endless possibilities of their potential. 


Moving Students to the Next Level


Educationally Yours,

KaTrina J. Miller