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Welcome to Community-Based Classroom- An Alternative High School

Community-Based Classroom (CBC) is a FREE school designed for Prince George's County students aged 16-21 who have been withdrawn from their traditional day school program for a variety of reasons.   CBC is apart of the Prince George's County Public Schools’ Department of Alternative Educational Options.  CBC offers classes, activities, and support services that help students finish their high school education.  CBC is a high school program designed to remove the obstacles that might get in the way of students who want to finish high school.  The staff offers not only academic counseling, but also help with personal and practical problems, such as arranging for jobs and securing social services. 

CBC offers 2-hour classes during mornings, afternoons, and evenings on a "college" schedule:  Monday-Wednesdays or Tuesday-Thursdays.  Students only come to CBC when they have classes; the rest of the time they may be working or parenting.

CBC'ers receive a regular diploma from their home high school when they finish their high school courses and requirements (not a GED!!).

There is more to an education than earning credits.  A good education should also give a person employment skills and a plan for the future.   CBC students have access to a computer lab, online courses, computers in each class, and a myriad of technology for a wide variety of applications.  In addition, there is a career component to the high school program that can be the key to finding a permanent job.


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