Week of: Tentative Assignments:
August 25

Course Introduction; Student Information Forms
Lesson: Purposes Government -- Class Notes

  1. Assignment #1: "What Does Government Do?" Chart
  2. BCR: Purposes of Government (**See HSA Scoring Rubric for Grading Information)

Lesson: Government Systems -- Class Notes and Reading

September 1

Lesson: Types of Government -- Assignment #2: Compare/Contrast Matrix--Types of Government
Quiz #1: Purpose and Types of Government

September 8
September 15

Quiz #2: Introdution to Economics -- administered Monday/Tuesday

Unit 1 Test: Political and Economic Structures to be administered Friday/Monday September 19/22.
Unit 1 Test Review Sheet

September 22

Lesson: The Constitution

  1. PowerPoint Presentation: The Constitutional Principles
  2. Reading: Chapter 3 section 1 in textbook
  3. Homework: Constitution Reading Guide

Quiz #3 will be given Wednesday/Thursday September 24/25.

Lesson: Influences on US Democracy--Chart: Roots of Democracy

September 29

Lesson: The Constitutional Convention (PowerPoint Presentation)

Lesson: The Bill of Rights -- Class Notes: Read pages 84-86 in text and summarize freedoms guaranteed in Amendments 1-8

A-Day Project: Constitution Brochure
B-Day Project: Bill of Rights Photo Essay or Bill of Rights Electronic Photo Essay (View a sample E-Photo Essay)

October 6

Continue and Complete Constitution/Bill of Rights Projects

Lesson: Supreme Court Cases (PowerPoint Presentation)

  1. Marbury v. Madison
  2. McCulloch v. Maryland
October 13

Lesson: Powers of Our Government

Unit 2 Test Review *** Unit 2 Test Review Sheet ***

October 27

The Unit 2 Test will be administered Monday/Tuesday October 27/28.

End 1st Quarter: Review of Course Expectations/Procedures (***See Course Syllabus)

November 3

Introduce Unit 3: Civic Responsibility

Political Parties

  1. Presentation: Political Parties
  2. Assignment: Read Chapter 16-1 and complete section assessment on page 457.
  3. Assignment: Read Chapter 16-3 and complete Guided Reading Activity
  4. Extra Credit Activity: Political Parties Online
November 10

Elections and Campaigning

  1. Presentation: The Election Process
  2. Assignment: Read Chapter 17-1 and complete section assessment on page 479.
  3. Online Activity: Campaign Financing
  4. BCR: Campaign Finance Reform--What are the advantages and disadvantages of limiting campaign contributions? Do you believe limits should be imposed? Use specific examples and details to support your response. (page 463 in text)

Quiz #4: Political Parties and Elections

November 17

Voting--Assignment: Complete 3-part Voting Activity Packet (Chapter 17-2,3 in textbook)

  1. Voting Activity #1: The Expansion of Voting Rights
  2. Voting Activity #2: Voter Statistics
  3. Voting Activity #3: Influences on Voters

Interest Groups, Lobbying, and PACs

  1. Presentation: Interest Groups and Public Opinion
  2. Assignment: Check for Understanding & Contribution to PACs Graph Analysis (Chapter 18-1,2 in textbook)


  1. See Chapter 18-3 and Interest Group Presentation for additional information about Media and propaganda techniques.
  2. Assignment: Propaganda Techniques Comparison Chart

Civic Participation

November 24

Demographics and Reapportionment -- See Presentation: Apportionment (pp 125-127 in textbook)

Quiz #5 November 19/20

Schools Closed Wednesday, November 26-Friday, November 28 for the Thanksgiving Holiday

December 1

Unit 3 Test will be administered on Thursday/Friday, December 4/5. Unit 3 Test Review -- Due on Day of Test!!!

Begin Unit 4: The Legislative Branch

Organization of Congress

  1. Class Notes: Congress Structure Chart & Reading: Chapter 5 section 1
  2. A-Day Project: Profile of the 110th Congress
  3. B-Day Homework: Organization of Congress

Powers of Congress

  1. Presentation: The Legislative Branch (Powers of Congress) & Reading: Chapter 6 section 1
  2. A-Day Substitute Assignment: Powers of Government--Outline
  3. B-Day Homework: Powers of Congress
December 8

How a Bill Becomes a Law

  1. Graphic Organizer: How a Bill Becomes a Law & Reading: Chapter 7 section1
  2. B-Day Homework: The Lawmaking Process

Quiz #6 will be given December 11/12.

Lesson: State and Local Legislatures

  1. Reading: Maryland General Assembly
  2. Homework: Smart Growth
December 15

Lesson: Fiscal Policy -- PowerPoint Presentation and Reading

Unit 4 Test Review

Unit 4 Test to be given Wednesday/Thursday December 17/18.
January 5

Winter Break Packets DUE!!!

Begin Unit 5: The Executive Branch

  1. PowerPoint Presentation: Organization and Structure of Executive Branch
  2. Reading: Stucture of the Executive Branch
  3. Notes: Regulatory Agencies

***Honors Classes (Periods 2A and 4A): Assigned to find or create a Political Cartoon poking fun at a Regulatory Agency.

January 12

Powers of the President

  1. PowerPoint Presentation: The Executive Branch
  2. Notes: Powers of the President
  3. ***B-Day students: Assigned to Create "Roles of the President" Collage

Unit 5 Mini Assessment Review

January 19

Electoral College

January 26

***Monday, January 26 Schools Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 28