Black History Month Projects


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Purpose: The purpose of the Black History Month projects described below will be to provide students with the opportunity to gain an intimate knowledge of a significant Black politician in American History of their choosing.

Objective: Students will obtain and read a biography or an autobiography of no less than 150 pages in length in order to create a PowerPoint presentation which will provide an audience of peers with an overview of the subject’s personal background, career, and contributions to American Government.


  • Select the subject of your project. You may choose from the list below or pursue your own subject, but you MUST have your choice approved if he/she is not on this list.
    • Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
    • Marion Barry
    • Blanche K. Bruce
    • Lawrence Douglas Wilder
    • Shirley Chisolm
    • Eleanor Holmes Norton
    • John Mercer Langston
    • John Lewis
    • Edward W. Brooke
    • Barbara Jordon
    • Thurgood Marshall
    • Carole Mosley-Braun
    • Colin Powell
    • Patricia Roberts Harris
    • Hiram Revels
    • Condoleezza Rice
  • Once you have decided on a subject, take a trip to your local library or a local book store and locate a biography or autobiography on the person you chose. That book should be at least 150 pages in length and should be brought to class EVERY Friday as we will read and share in class each Friday during Black History Month.
  • As you read, be sure to note significant events in the subject’s lives and mark coinciding pages numbers so that you may easily return to retrieve information you need for your project.
  • By the third week in February, the biography/autobiography should be read. At this time, student should begin to organize pertinent information to be included in a PowerPoint presentation before their peers. Information to be included in the PowerPoint should include but is not limited to the following:
    • A Title slide
    • Childhood
    • Education
    • Any other personal information worth noting
    • Description of the role played in politics
    • Explanation of the significance of the subject’s contributions to American politics
    • Reflection—your thoughts on how this individual’s contributions to Black politics have impacted us all.
  • When all that information has been gathered, it will be time to create your PowerPoint presentation on the computer. Print out a copy of guide sheet titled “How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation” from my website and go to work!
  • Your PowerPoint should be completed Tuesday/Wednesday, February 26/27 as you will give your presentation before your peers on Thursday/Friday, February 28/29.

Grading Information: Your Black History Month Project/Presentation will count as a test grade and will be graded according to the following criteria:

Project Component


Point Value



Is the final PowerPoint presentation creative? Are there pictures, colors, or subtle accents that creatively blend the information contained in the project?



25/100 points


Is all information presented accurately and completely?


25/100 points


 Is the project free of spelling and grammar errors?


  10/100 points


Class Participation

Did the student effectively manage his/her time to complete the project on time?  Did the student remain on task throughout the allotted class time given to work on this project?



20/100 points

Oral Presentation

Did the presenter speak clearly and confidently while presenting the information on his/her subject? Was it evident that the presenter was well-prepared and knowledgeable on his/her subject?