Classroom Management and Organization:
A Game Plan for Success

Assigning and Managing Work

Assignments should be based on instructional objectives and provide opportunties for students to extend, refine, or rehearse the skills or content of the lesson. The teacher must have a system for providing meaningful and relevant assignments and managing their work.

Promote Student Responsibility and Accountability to Learning

  • Make sure students fully understand what they are supposed to do and how they are to do it.
  • Communicate clear procedures for assignment distribution and collection.
  • Monitor student completion of assignments and mastery of skills/content.
  • Provide timely feedback on assignments.
  • Develop and administer a fair and prompt policy for make-up work.

Develop and Implement a Fair and Consistent Grading Process

  • Ensure your system for grading is consistent with the school and school systemís policy.
  • Record both formative and summative progress of student growth.
  • Record both grades and daily attendance.
  • Involve students in monitoring their own progress.

For "Floaters"

  • Create a web page for communicating with parents and students and for posting assignments.
  • Use brightly-colored file boxes (and keep them in a consistent location) for students to locate their work and your assignments.
  • Work out a procedure with the office and with students whereby students can safely turn in work to you when you are not in a regular location.


Game Plan Modules

  1. Establishing a Positive Climate
  2. Organizing Your Classroom
  1. Developing Rules, Routines, and Procedures
  2. Assigning and Managing Work
  1. Preparing for Instruction
  2. Managing Behavior
  3. Maintaining Momentum



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