Portfolio Assessment


What Is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's efforts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas of the curriculum. The collection must include the following:

  • Student participation in selecting contents.

  • Criteria for selection.

  • Criteria for judging merits.

  • Evidence of a student's self-reflection.

It should represent a collection of students' best work or best efforts, student-selected samples of work experiences related to outcomes being assessed, and documents according growth and development toward mastering identified outcomes.

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Why Use a Portfolio?

In this new era of performance assessment related to the monitoring of students' mastery of a core curriculum, portfolios can enhance the assessment process by revealing a range of skills and understandings one students' parts; support instructional goals; reflect change and growth over a period of time; encourage student, teacher, and parent reflection; and provide for continuity in education from one year to the next. Instructors can use them for a variety of specific purposes, including:

  • Encouraging self-directed learning.

  • Enlarging the view of what is learned.

  • Fostering learning about learning.

  • Demonstrating progress toward identified outcomes.

  • Creating an intersection for instruction and assessment.

  • Providing a way for students to value themselves as learners.

  • Offering opportunities for peer-supported growth.

How Can Portfolios Enhance the MSPAP Preparation Process?

The heart of successful Maryland School Performance Assessment Program preparation is the ongoing involvement of students in performance-based instruction and assessment experiences. Portfolios offer an ideal context for monitoring students' direct experience in MSPAP performance assessment asks and Dimensions of Learning meaningful-use tasks. They can record both final products and students' ongoing thinking reflections and decision-making processes while engaged in such tasks.

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