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  • PBIS (Behavior Expectations)

     Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)   



    School wide PBIS is a program designed to assist in improving academic and behavior outcomes amongst students; ensuring that all students have access to the most effective and data based behavioral practices and interventions possible.  

    The PBIS program at the Academy at Andrew Jackson is based on a ticket acquisition process where students receive individual and classroom rewards based on the amount of Jaguar "ROARS" tickets they receive. "ROARS" stands for:  


    Organized & Prepared  

    Accepting of Self & Others  


    Safe & Orderly 

    If students abide by these expectations they will be given tickets by any faculty or staff member that witnesses their positive behavior. If they reach the ticket goal for each month, usually 20 tickets, they will be allowed to attend the school wide reward at the end of each month. Rewards range from prize drawings, dances, skate parties, movie watching, pizza parties, ice cream parties, and much much more!!! 


    *** Please scroll down to view the Student Expectations Matrix, School Mantra, and Jaguar Ticket  ***


    Please see the national PBIS website for more information:


    If you have further questions about the PBIS program at the Academy at Andrew Jackson, please contact us.  


     Student Expectations Matrix

    The matrix contains the school wide set of expected behaviors for students in every area of the building.

    Click here for Expectations Poster PDF Version (for easier viewing)


     PBIS Expectations Matrix


    School Mantra

    The School Mantra is recited everyday after the Pledge of Allegiance to remind students of the expected

    school behaviors and start their school day off in a positive manner.


    School Mantra

     Jaguar Bucks

    Below is an image of the tickets that are distributed to students when they are seen exhibiting positive behaviors.