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    School Psychologist Internship Opportunities


    Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) offers school psychology internships at both the doctoral and specialist level through the Office of Psychological Services. 

    About Our Internship: The Office of Psychological Services has approximately 100 school psychologists and serves nearly 135,000 students through 141 elementary schools, 32 middle schools, and 23 high schools, as well as special needs centers and vocational centers.  Interns will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of experiences (administrating assessments, individual and group counseling, participation in IEP meetings, office committee involvement, consultations with educators and parents, assisting with FBAs and BIPs, providing support in crisis events, mental health support, etc…).

    Our school psychology internship program is over 30 years old and has had interns from over 42 states.  The program follows the National Association of School Psychologist (NASP) Standards for Training and Field Placement Programs in School Psychology and supports the NASP Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services. The internship includes at least 1200 hours for specialist level interns and 1500 hours for doctoral level interns over the course of the academic school year.

    Interns are typically assigned two tenured supervising school psychologists, and accommodations are made for interns attending APA-accredited programs, or other doctoral programs requiring supervision by a licensed psychologist.  Interns enhance their training experiences with exposure to specialty rotations and professional development. 

    Specialty Rotations: Interns select two specialty rotations, which have previously included autism, early childhood, neuropsychology, community based classrooms, emotional disabilities, severe/profound, and alternative schools.  Interns with relevant background experience may also consider rotations in bilingual assessment and deaf or hard hearing.

    Professional Development:  The PGCPS Office of Psychological Services is a NASP-Approved provider of professional development.  Opportunities for professional development are available during our monthly staff meetings when invited speakers present on a broad range of topics.  Interns also attend bi-monthly meetings with the early career psychologists during which best practices and other relevant topics are discussed.

    Bilingual intern candidates are encouraged to apply. All selected school psychology interns are paid a stipend over the course of their contract with the school system.  Upon successful completion of the internship, we welcome interns’ application for employment with PGCPS.


    Intern Application Process


    The Office of Psychological Services will be accepting application packets between October 21, 2019 and December 17, 2019.  Interviews are typically conducted during the first two weeks of January.  The following information is required in order to be considered for an interview for an internship position:



    • Cover Letter
    • PGCPS Employment Application Form
      • Will be sent to you upon receipt of your application
    • Current Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
    • Three Letters of Reference
      • At least two references should reflect your work during graduate training
      • Sealed envelope on the recommender’s letterhead OR electronically from the recommender’s professional email address to
    • Official Transcripts: Undergraduate and Graduate
      • Official copies are preferred, but unofficial copies are accepted
      • If unofficial copies are used, official copies will be required prior to the start of internship
    • Writing Sample
      • Two de-identified psychological reports that you have written.



    Please submit all materials to:


    Dr. Bill Young, Coordinator & Dr. Florence Foreman, Supervisor

    Attn: Trina Avent, Secretary

    PGCPS Office of Psychological Services

    Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center

    8908 Riggs Road, 3rd Floor – Room 363

    Adelphi, MD 20783


    For more information about application procedures and timelines, please contact the Office of Psychological Services at 301-431-5630.