• Library and Computer-Use Policies

    Borrowing materials

    Reading books from the library media center allows your child to sample books on many subjects and at all different levels.  Please help your child keep track of his/her library books.  Find a special place at home to keep them, so they don't get mixed up with your other books, or disappear under the bed!  Remind your child not to loan a library book to a friend; if the friend loses the book, your child is still responsible.  And start looking for a book as soon as the overdue notice comes -- it's much easier to find it right away than will be in June.

    • Students are scheduled to come to the library once a week for book exchange. 

    • Generally, students in kindergarten will check out one book at a time, starting in the second half of the school year.  Students in other grades may check out two or more.  If a student needs more materials for a school assignment, there will be no limit to the number of materials they check out.  Parents who wish to restrict their children's borrowing should notify Mrs. Clemens in writing.

    • No fines are charged at for overdue materials, but students will be asked to pay replacement cost for lost or damaged library materials.  Most library books will now cost at least twenty dollars. 

    • Overdue notices are sent home monthly in paper.  Check your child's backpack.  Please feel free to e-mail Mrs. Clemens at any time to see what books your child has checked out.


    Internet Use

    All students are expected to adhere to the acceptable use policy referred to in the Code of Student Conduct, Section X.

    • Students will visit only those sites that are related to school work. 

    • Students will respect all copyright laws by giving credit to the author.

    • Students will log on to the computers, and keep their passwords a secret.

    • Students will take care of the computer equipment.

    • Students will not give out personal information such as an address or telephone number.

    • Students will not use chat lines or instant messaging while at school, unless authorized by the teacher.