• Our Philosophy, Mission and Vision


    Our philosophy is simple.  We exist for children and their betterment.  We wholeheartedly believe that all children can learn, and that it is our job to provide for the rates and learning styles of all students.  Finally, we believe that all decisions must always be made in the best interest of children. 


    The mission of Tulip Grove Elementary School is to assure that all students are provided opportunities to acquire knowledge, and to develop and master the skills necessary to function as productive members of society. 

    This mission is best accomplished when all students, regardless of race, socio-economic status, previous academic performance, family background, or gender learn the essential curriculum in an environment where equality and equity exist side-by-side. 

    At Tulip Grove Elementary School, we accept the responsibility for teaching all students so that they achieve their maximum educational potential while growing socially and emotionally with positive attitudes towards themselves and others 


    It is our vision that Tulip Grove Elementary will be a world class school where students are consistently challenged to exceed state and national norms.  This vision will be realized with the teamwork of all stakeholders.  It is our vision that each student will acquire the skills necessary to not just compete in but to excel in a global economy.  We believe that technology integration must be maximized in every classroom.  Further, we are dedicated to providing a climate of high expectation where all students and staff are valued.  The environment will be safe, orderly, and nurturing.  Our vision and mission will be clear and focused.