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      TGES possible rennovation

      Architect's Drawing of the new Tulip Grove
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    Meadowbrook from the street

    Meadowbrook Building
    3501 Moylan Drive 



    November 2015 Update! 
    March 2016 Update! 
    September 2016 Update!


    March 2017 Update!
    The Tulip Grove ES Major Renovation and Addition project is finalizing our last approvals and are one step closer to the start of Construction!  Last night, the Board of Education approved the construction contract award to Keller Brothers, Inc. The final approval required to be received before the project can officially commence is the state's IAC contract award approval. This approval is scheduled to be reviewed and approved on March 29th.  Upon receipt of the state's contract award approval, the contractor will schedule their mobilization and will begin construction.  Their tentative mobilization date is scheduled for April12th.  This is very exciting news and we are looking forward to the commencement of the project. 




    May 2018 - Photographs. 
    As the work nears its conclusion, teachers and parents have been able to take tours of the new building, as long as they don hard hats and brightly-colored vests.
    TGES - Hallway

    TGES May 2018 
    .The main entrance is taking shape.  
     New TGES Reading Garden and Libraqry
    The library will have plenty of natural light with those windows!  The bricked area to the side is the Reading Garden, which can be entered directly from the library.

    New TGES - Tiled Wall
    Brightly colored tile will greet students in the main hallway, as they enter the building.
    New TGES - Library 2
    Looking out into the courtyard from the main hallway.  
    New TGES - Courtyard 2
    The paved courtyard has entrances from the hallways and the science classroom.  With this and the reading garden, TGES will have two outside learning spaces.
    New TGES - Library windows
    Workmen put the final touches on the windows and teaching wall in the library.

     Why are they renovating Tulip Grove?  

     In 2008, Tulip Grove was one of nine school in Prince George’s County recommended for replacement, when it was declared to be in a “Very Poor” condition by a Facility Condition Assessment study.  Plans were drawn up for a major renovation.  

    Project Description and Justification from the FY 2015 - 2020 Capital Improvement Program County and Board of Education Submission, dated October 4, 2013.

    [Tulip Grove] is one of the nine schools recommended for replacement in the May 8, 2008, updated Facility Assessment Study. The study revealed a very high $8,333,000 facility condition index (FCI) for these schools, ranging from 75-84%, indicating these schools to be in "Poor" conditions. The 2012 Updated Facility Condition Assessment revealed this school has an FCI of 76.28% which is still in poor condition. Prince George's County efforts on rebouncarying [sic] and repurposing all new elementary schools with a gymnasium component, and other educational requirements to include Health Room, Library support rooms, such as Head End, TV Studio and Control Rooms; Science Rooms, Special Educational, Computer Lab, Vocal and General Music, and Art. This elementary school will undergo major renovations of existing 23,350 sq.ft. and an addition of 41 ,480 sq .ft. to meet the educational requirements. The facility will be designed with new state-of-the-art "GREEN" school features.

    What will the new Tulip Grove look like?

    Plans are to demolish parts of the school (the current multipurpose room and the library hall and kindergarten wings), adding a large addition in their place, and refurbishing the existing classrooms.  The size of the school would increase by about 23,000 square feet.  The new Tulip Grove would be a "green" school, with a state-rated capacity of 431 students.  It would include eighteen classrooms, a separate gymnasium, new cafeteria, front office suite, health room, a large library-media complex, science room, art room, computer lab, separate rooms for vocal and instrumental music, as well as separate classrooms for special education and ESOL. 

     Even more important, if less obvious, would be the new electrical grid, environmental controls, and plumbing.  Also, they are looking at ways to improve the traffic flow around the school.

    The new Tulip Grove will be able to serve as an shelter in times of emergency. 

     Click here to see detailed floor plans and the architects' designs.  

    When will it be finished?

    Current plans are to send the plans out to bid in December 2016. The contract was approved by the Board on March 9, 2017.  Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2017.  If all stays on schedule, we should be moving back to Trainor Lane in time for the 2018-19 school year.

    How much will all of this cost?

    According to documents on the CIP website, the total cost budgeted for the renovation and addition is: $10,582,000 with $60,000 coming from the state and $10,522,000 coming from the County.  (Data from the Proposed FY2016-FY2021 Capital Improvement program (CIP), dated August 13, 2014.)

    Where are the students now?

    Until the New Tulip Grove is completed, all our students are being bused to the Meadowbrook building at 3501 Moylan Drive.  It's located about a mile away from our Trainor Lane address.  We are known as Tulip Grove@Meadowbrook for the duration. 

    Where can I find more information?

    Check the updates at the top of this page.  The project is overseen by Prince Georges County Public School's Department of Capital Programs.  There website is http://www1.pgcps.org/cip/.