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    Links for Environmental and Outdoor ActivitiesAnacostia Watershed Society:

    Rice Rangers

    The Rice Rangers program equips teachers with training, lessons, and materials necessary to empower students to grow native wetland plants from seed in the classroom and transplant into tidal marshes. It also provides students with a service learning opportunity to increase filtering capacity and habitat in the rivers that flow into the Anacostia River and Chesapeake Bay.

    River Habitat 

    The River Habitat program teaches elementary school students about animal adaptation and habit requirements using the Anacostia River Watershed as a living instructional aide. The three-part service learning curriculum presents a course of classroom activities, field study, and community service that engages students in exploring links between school and community; as well as, some of the real-life applications of science.

    Watershed Explorers 

    The Watershed Explorers program provides middle and high School students with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the links between ecological and human communities. The three-part, service learning curriculum uses classroom activities, field study, and community service offers a meaningful, well-integrated experience with environmental science and the Anacostia watershed.

    Teacher Training 

    AWS Teacher Training workshops provide professional development opportunities to educators in the DC metro area school systems. Completion of a workshop certifies instructors to the national ProjectWET curriculum and fulfills professional development/continuing education requirements for teachers in Maryland and DC.

    Shad / Herring Awareness & Restoration Effort 

    The SHARE program is a partnership between AWS and Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region and provides an opportunity for students and teachers throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to turn their classrooms into working fish hatcheries during the months of April and May.

    Patuxent River Park -

    Nature Craft: Pre-School (PRE-K - K)
    Beaver Tales: Elementary (Grade 3-5) 
    Guided Nature Hike: Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Adults, Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities (Grade 1 to Adult)
    River Ecology Boat Tour: Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Adults, Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities (Grade 2 to Adult)
    Let the Cattail Out of the Bag: Elementary (Grades K-5)
    Patuxent Rural Life Museums Tour: Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Adults, Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities(All ages)
    Eyes on Jug Bay: Middle, High School, College (Grade 6 to Adult)
    Geocaching: Middle, High School, College, Adult, Seniors (Grade 6 to Adult)
    Guided Canoe/Kayak Trip: Middle, High School, College Adults, Seniors (Grade 6 to Adult)
    Goose Dissection: High School, College (Grades 9 to Adult)
    Birding Trip: High School, College, Adult, Seniors (Grade 9 to Adult)
    Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Tour: High School, College, Adult, Seniors (Grade 9 to Adult)
    Conservation Activities: Middle, High School, College, Adult, Seniors (Grade 6 to Adult)
    Basket Weaving: Middle, High School, Seniors(Grades 6-12)
    Journey Into Jug Bay's Past: Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Adult, Seniors (Grade 3 to Adult)
    The Traveling Naturalist: High School, College, Adults, Seniors(Grade 9 to Adult)

    Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission:

    Educational Programs 

    WSSC is committed to providing students with educational information and experiences. We will provide a speaker for your classroom or after-school program. Presentations can be aimed at students in grades K-12. A variety of topics are available, including health benefits to drinking water, water conservation and careers in the water industry. WSSC also provides science fair judges and presenters for career days. Due to the large number of requests, there is a limit of one visit per school by WSSC personnel per school year.

    Wastewater Treatment Plant and/or Water Quality Laboratory Tours 

    Here is an opportunity for your students, civic association and/or homeowner association to learn about how wastewater is treated and safely released back into a river or stream. Open to students ages 8 years or older/3rd grade or higher, students also get to learn more about these important careers. For those students who are interested in chemistry or microbiology, a tour through WSSC's award-winning Water Quality Laboratory will provide your students information about how their drinking water is tested and monitored.

    Environmental Tours - Brighton Dam 

    WSSC is committed to providing students, civic organization and/or homeowner association with educational information and experiences. Free tours of Brighton Dam are available April 1 to November 1 by scheduling through the Community Outreach Office. The environmental tour takes you to both the upstream side of Brighton Dam where you will see the Triadelphia Reservoir and discuss the Patuxent River and its watershed, to the downstream side of the dam to hear about how the dam functions and how WSSC provides drinking water from this source. We also provide a water pollution demonstration that is age appropriate.

    Environmental Stewardship 

    WSSC offers environmental stewardship opportunities for middle school, high school and college students who need to earn class credits as well as neighbors and organizations who want to help the environment.. The projects range from removing invasive weeds to planting trees, from picking up trash to watering seedlings. For more information, call 301-206-8233 or email