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    The Community-Referenced Instruction (CRI) Program is a special education program for high school students with special needs who graduate with a certificate of program completion. The CRI program provides transition services for these students. CRI has a work study component in its curriculum requirements. The years between the ages of 18 to 21 are considered an important part of the transition process. Whenever able, students are given the opportunity to gain work experience in different worksites for work study. This allows them to receive the necessary work experience in their resumes.

    At the William S. Schmidt Outdoor Education Center, CRI students help out by doing different types of work. They recycle by sorting, repacking and boxing printer ink cartridges, which is an integral part of the center's designation as a Green Center. They also do outdoor work, such as cleaning the trails, mulching the plants, clipping weeds and overgrown trees, seeding, digging and planting.  Some of the tasks they complete at the office include assembling packets for mailing, sorting files and paperwork, folding Camp Schmidt shirts, cleaning and changing water in the animal tanks, feeding the animals, watering the plants, sweeping, and dusting.

    This training allows our CRI students to gain important work ethics such as coming in to work on time, completing job tasks properly, being aware of the environment, keeping good rapport with colleagues, and being a responsible employee.