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PGCPS Blueprint Questions and Answers: May 1, 2019

Download PGCPS Blueprint Questions and Answers May 1, 2019.pdf



PGCPS Response


Where can one access the presentation materials from Industry Day?

Presentations shared on Industry Day on April 17, 2019 can be accessed at the official PGCPS P3 website: Blueprint for PGCPS: A $53 Million Investment


Where can one access the attendee list from Industry Day?

The registration list has been published at Blueprint for PGCPS: A $53 Million Investment


Is there a link that prospective vendors should visit to view the forthcoming RFQ?  Also, when might the RFQ to come out?

Please visit Blueprint for PGCPS: A $53 Million Investment for the latest information about this procurement.  The launch of the RFQ is anticipated at some point in May, 2019 and will be announced both on the PGCPS purchase website (Purchasing), as well as on the PGCPS blueprint site indicated above.   


Please confirm there will be a requirement for certified Prince George’s County-Based Business and Prince George’s County-Based Small Business participation and what that participation amount will be.  Will potential bidders be required to submit a MBE Utilization Plan?

The developer contracted under the anticipated procurement will be required to meet PGCPS MBE/LBE participation goals. Details regarding these participation requirements will be further detailed in the RFQ, RFP and P3 Agreement, but as discussed during the Industry Day presentations, the general goal is 30%.  The winning bidder will be required to submit a MBE utilization plan with this minimum target.  That said, please note that MBE/LBE and other minority, women and veteran-owned businesses are NOT required to be exclusive to any single bid team but will be eligible to work with whichever developer wins the contract.     


Will the PGCPS/P3 RFQ and RFP have separate MBE/LBE goals for Design and Construction?

No, as currently envisioned, the MBE/LBE goals will be blended across Design and Construction (as well as maintenance). Further details relating to these requirements will be defined in the RFP.


Will individuals in the community have an opportunity to invest directly in the P3 project?

As a primary objective of this procurement is to ensure that the Developer can reach financial close in a timely and cost-effective manner, thereby accelerating the construction of critical school facilities, there are no specific provisions or requirements relating to local community investments.  The project requires that the developer provide private financing for the totality of the project.  PGCPS will allow a variety of private financing structures (debt, equity, tax-exempt financing, etc.) and shall not impose any additional requirements as to the sourcing of those private funds.  While there are no restrictions or limitations relating to local community investment in the P3 project, capital providers (and their guarantors) shall be evaluated in terms of their financial capability and experience reaching financial close on similar projects.  


What schools will be candidates for P3?

The specific school package for this procurement will be defined in the RFP. 


It was mentioned that 33 schools would be candidates for P3 delivery. Do you have an estimated budget for construction of those schools if they were delivered through traditional public finance?

Bidders will be responsible for their own cost estimates.  For additional information on Cycle 1 schools and PGCPS cost estimates, please refer to the published Capital Improvement Program  and Educational Facilities Master Plan. 


A valuable lesson learned from P3 experience is that the most effective way to ensure that PGCPS selects the most qualified Team for this engagement is to use a Best Value Selection Process. Will the selection of the winning Team be based on Best Value?

Evaluation and award criteria will be defined in the RFP.  Nevertheless, PGCPS does not currently anticipate awarding the contract solely on the basis of cost.


After the RFQ Responses are evaluated, and PGCPS develops a Shortlist, will that Shortlist be posted on the P3 website?

PGCPS is committed to transparency and will publish the short list of bidders once the determination has been made by the selection committee.


Is there an email list that we can be added to for when new procurement opportunities will be published?

Please to sign up for updates and notifications related to PGCPS procurement opportunities at PGCPS Purchasing Website


Where can one find updates to this procurement and information about subsequent announcements?

Please continue to monitor Blueprint for PGCPS: Facilities  for the latest information relating to this procurement. 


Since Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is working with PGCPS in an advisory capacity on this P3 project, are they allowed to compete for this upcoming P3 contract, or are they conflicted out and not allowed to bid on this contract?

JLL is PGCPS’ lead transaction advisor on this project and, like other advisors, is precluded from participating as a bidder.


As part of the Cycle 1 RFP process for P3, when do you plan on having pre-bid conferences where vendors could assess the mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing and controls systems at the intended school properties?


Shortlisted bidders will be afforded the opportunity to undertake due diligence prior to submitting their bids.  Likewise, shortlisted bidders will be provided with access to a data room containing project relevant information.