Giving Back to Our Schools

 Giving Back to Our Schools 

In 2009, instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas as we have in the past, the Accounting and Financial Reporting office decided to do something different and give back to the students of Prince George’s County Public Schools.

As Board employees and parents with children who attend or attended PGCPS, we felt that our donations to a teacher who is in need of classroom supplies would benefit the students more than us exchanging gifts.

In December 2009, we presented our first Christmas donation to Ms. Lauren Sexauer's class at Benjamin Foulois Creative & Performing Arts Academy in Morningside, Maryland. In addition to donating chair pockets, Vittorio Weeks, the Accounting and Financial Reporting Officer surprised the students by inviting Binahkaye Joy, who is a visionary space activator to provide an interactive dance movement session with the students.

In December 2010, we traveled to Kettering Elementary School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and presented to Ms. Tameaka White’s kindergarten class a whiteboard, markers, and dry erasers. Ms. White and her students were so excited and thankful for the supplies.  

In 2011, we donated to our first High School, High Point High in Beltsville, Maryland. On December 16, 2011, several co-workers presented classroom supplies to Ms. Beverly Botchway’s 11th grade AVID class (Advancement Via Individual Determination). We donated college rule paper, photocopy paper, index cards, dry erasers, permanent markers, post it note pads and pencil pouches. We spent about an hour with the students, and while there, we participated in the classroom discussion and several students explained the AVID program. AVID is a college-readiness program that helps increase the number of students who would not normally attend college after graduation by preparing them to enroll in four-year colleges and universities.

Each year when we donate to a PGCPS teacher and class, we always walk away with a better appreciation about what our school system is doing to prepare our students. Even though the Accounting and Financial Reporting office does not play a direct role in educating our students, we hope that our donations will indirectly help educate and inspire our students.    

                                                                              The Accounting and Financial Reporting Office  

2011 Accounting and Financial Reporting Christmas Gift Recipient 

Ms. Botchway's 11th Grade AVID Class              

Ms. Botchway's Class        

Ms. Botchway interacting with her students

2011 Accounting and Financial Reporting Christmas Gift Recipient #5 

 Ms. Botchway's 11th Grade AVID Class

2011 Accounting and Financial Reporting Christmas Gift Recipient             

2011 Accounting and Financial Reporting Christmas Gift Recipient #4  

















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