Accounts Payable Hold Names and Definitions


Accounts Payable 

Hold Names and Definitions 



Name:  Definition: 
Amount  This hold was established to hold any invoices over $500,000 for the approval of the oversight panel.  This is a temporary hold. 
Dist Acct Invalid  This hold occurs when the account number related to the invoice is no longer valid.  A valid account must be provided. 
Dist Variance  This hold is related to three issues.  Issue (1) Unauthorized Purchases by schools and offices, (2) Invoices that may have a valid PO but the vendor has failed to invoice with the valid PO#, (3) Invoices received with a valid PO# but have items on the invoice that were not ordered on the PO. 
Final Matching  This hold is related to invoices that have come and the PO related to it was closed.  
Insufficient Funds  The school or office that the invoice is related to does not have money in their budget account to cover the transaction. 
Missing Documentation 

This is a manual hold that the office uses to temporary hold invoices that need to be located for the check run. 


PO Not Approved-  The PO related to this invoice is not approved in the Purchasing Office. 
Price  The invoices related to this hold have a price difference greater than the predefined threshold. 
Qty Ordered   The invoices related to this hold have items on the invoice were the vendor shipped more than what was ordered. 
Qty Received-   These invoices are pending approval for payment/receipt from the ship-to locations. 
Supplier  The supplier related to this invoice has been end dated. 

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