Do's and Don'ts



  • Do send to Accounts Payable all original invoices delivered to your school by suppliers/vendors
  • Do enter "Receipt" in Oracle, as soon as service has been rendered or merchandise received at your location
  • Do follow-up with the Deputy Superintendent's Office to ensure that approved non-local trave forms are signed and delivered to Accounts Payable at least 10 days before your payment is due
  • Do notify AP in writing of item substituted or returns made on a specific Purchase Order
  • Do make every effort to participate and be trained in the use of IExpense




  • Do not assume that your "Oracle Receipt" will generate a payment to the vendor/supplier
  • Do not place an order with a vendor for goods or services, without a Purchase Order
  • Do not use school funds to purchase gift cards
  • Do not use a DA (Disbursement Authority) to pay for good/services that should have been purchased via the Oracle requisition process
  • Do not make payment directly to 1099 vendors (Service type providers) from your school checking account


Accounts Payable Office
Sasscer Administration Building, Rm 130
(301) 952-6160
(301)952-6166 - fax

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