Sam Stefanelli
Director of Building Services


The Building Services Department provides Custodial Services, Preventive Maintenance Services, Real Estate Services, and Maintenance Services to PGCPS students, schools, and administrative personnel in order to provide clean, healthy, and safe work environments. We strive to minimize disruptions to instructional time due to failure of equipment and building systems.



1.  Custodial Services

Daily operation of physical plants, cleaning of physical plants, snow removal,

Emergency response, training, and position control.

Perform inspections to measure effectiveness and to be proactive for safety concerns.

2.  Preventive Maintenance

Inspect facilities in order to identify and schedule repairs prior to failure; increase the life of equipment and building components; and to reduce the impact on instructional time.

3.   Maintenance Services

Emergency response, provide daily repairs and upkeep of existing facilities and equipment in order to meet federal, state, and local requirements for school facilities.

4. Environmental Management

Provide support, mitigation, and remediation measures for asbestos containing materials, drinking water, mold, indoor air quality, and integrated pest management to promote healthy conditions for work and study and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Louis Wilson Sr. Facilities Administration Building
13300 Old Marlboro Pike, Room 13
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772
Office 301-952-6500
Fax 301-952-0346
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