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How to Submit COVID-19 Test Results FAQs

Test Kits

How will I receive my test kit?

PGCPS schools will distribute home test kits bi-weekly beginning the week of March 28. 

What happens if I do not receive a test kit?

 If you do not receive a test kit, contact your school administrator to schedule a time to pick up your kit. Please do not come to school without a negative test result. 

When should my student take the rapid test?

COVID-19 tests must be taken within 24 hours of returning to school – do not administer the test prior to Monday. 

How do I use the test kit?

Please follow the instructions provided in the testing kit that you receive. Additionally, the testing kit manufacturer, iHealth has instructions online and a video tutorial on how to properly take the test.


When should I submit test results?

The form to submit test results will be available by 7 a.m. on Monday, April 18. Please do not take the COVID test before 7 a.m. Monday. Results should be reported shortly after the test is administered.

By what time should the results be reported?

Results should be submitted no later than 7pm on Monday night.

How do I report the results?

To submit your results, you will need:

  1. Your student’s PGCPS username and password
  2. A photo of the test kit showing the results. You can use a mobile device or Chromebook.

A pre-filled form will be emailed to each student on Friday.

  1. Log in to your student’s PGCPS Gmail account at
  2. Open the email from PGCPS and click the student-specific link.
  3. Confirm the pre-filled information.
  4. Enter the test date, test results and upload a photo of the used test kit.

If you cannot access your student’s unique, pre-filled link, you may access a blank copy of the form.  You must still sign in with your student’s PGCPS username and password to submit the form.

How do I upload a photo of the results?


What happens if I have a positive result?

Stay home and notify your school administration of your positive result.  Next, schedule a follow up PCR test at your nearest PCR testing location, and adhere to CDC guidelines for quarantine.  Guidelines for quarantine can be found on the PGCPS website at:

Additionally Student COVID-19 test results will be shared with the Prince George's County Health Department. Disclosure is mandatory based on state health guidelines. 

What happens if I have a negative result but my child has symptoms of COVID?

Stay home, until the symptoms have resolved and notify your school administrator.

My child has tested positive previously, should I still test them weekly?

No.  CDC recommends that individuals that test positive should not retest for 90 days from the date of their initial positive test date.  Proof of a positive test should be provided to your school nurse.