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Senior Spotlight: Wise HS Student Tamara Bethea

Senior Spotlight: Wise HS Student Tamara Bethea

At Dr. Henry A. Wise High School, honors and dual enrollment senior Tamara Bethea has risen as a true standout.

Among her accomplishments: Tamara earned top scores in her class on both the Maryland High School Assessment and AP Language exam; she has received perfect grades in geometry each quarter of her high school career; and as a member of the mock trial team, she has been named “Star Lawyer” not once, not twice but ten times!

It should come as no surprise that this 'great debater' is considering a career in law!

In addition to academic honors and participation, Tamara is a member of the Golden Elite Band Dance Group, Drama Team and serves as a peer mentor. Outside of school she enjoys cooking, shopping, and playing volleyball. A Posse scholarship semifinalist, she plans to study political science, journalism or social sciences in college.