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    A $53 Million Investment.

    Through the $53 million Blueprint for PGCPS, funded by the Kirwan legislation, we are expanding access to programs and initiatives that will enhance our children’s educational experience in every grade level and classroom.

    As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close and we begin preparations for next year, we are excited about the promise this funding provides. Together, we are building PGCPS into a model school district for the region and expanding opportunities to allow more of our students to aim high and see their dreams come true.

    Below are details on where Blueprint for PGCPS funding is being directed. Providing a transparent look into what is in store for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Funding Priorities for 2019-2020

  • High-Needs Schools

    45 schools with our highest numbers of students living in poverty need additional supports to ensure students reach their highest potential. We will expand our wraparound services including additional health care practitioners, social workers and counselors, extended learning programs, transportation to school and many other initiatives to improve college and career readiness.

    FY 2020 Allocation: $11,197,485

    Pre-K Expansion

    Expanding access to full-day prekindergarten at nine schools, offering more families the opportunity to give their young learners a strong foundation. This continues our push for universal pre-k countywide within the next few years. To help with this effort, we are launching an expanded universal pre-k pilot program in 17 schools.

    FY 2020 Allocation: $14,026,871 

    Mental Health Services

    When many students enter the schoolhouse, they are distracted and overwhelmed with personal and family issues. To ensure every student has a trained adult to help them work through these issues, PGCPS is providing additional funding to provide 45 high-needs schools with certified mental health therapists. In addition, the PGCPS mental health coordinator will guide staff through mental health first aid training so anyone trusted with caring for a child has the tools to do so effectively.

    FY 2020 Allocation: $83,333 

    Teacher Compensation

    Over the last decade, PGCPS has been working through the 2009 to 2012 economic downturn. The county overall was slower to recover from the recession and the school system was not immune to the effects. Numerous cost-savings strategies were used to limit the impact on students and schools, including a “freeze” on employee salary increases from 2009 to 2012. In recognition of our staff’s sacrifices, we are offering a restorative salary increase to all employees who lost steps during the downturn, yet remained with the school system. This action is a step forward in recruiting and retaining the best employees to serve Prince George’s County children and families.

    FY 2020 Allocation: $13,386,052

    Supporting Students with Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs)

    Students with disabilities deserve a fair shot at success and in some cases require individualized instruction to prepare them for college, the workplace, community and beyond. We will be making new investments in programs that support these students, with a focus on the full implementation of individualized educational programs (IEP) and 504 plans in addition to providing district-wide training for teachers on compliance and student supports.

    FY 2020 Allocation: $10,114,897

    Support for Students Struggling with Reading

    Many teachers and families struggle to support students who are not reading at grade level, causing them to fall behind in other subjects. We are creating a digital literacy program that focuses on evidence-based strategies to help these students – including one-on-one tutoring, peer tutoring, screening and addressing literacy deficits and investing new technology for kindergarten through third grade students at more than 50 schools.

    FY 2020 Allocation: $4,819,614