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Grants Management

You Received A Grant, Yay!

Everyone is thrilled until…reality settles in. Someone has to assume the overall responsibility of ensuring that the grant is implemented within the established parameters and the funding agency regulations. And that someone is you. Welcome to the world of grants management. 

The job of grants program manager involves a difficult balancing act: ensuring that you have the latitude to accomplish something meaningful while at the same time making sure that every obligation to the funding agency is met. Effective management of any grant depends on certain core principles. Adhering to those principles is especially important in federal and state grants, where compliance and reporting requirements tend to be most rigorous. They are also valuable in managing grants from foundation and corporate sources-helping to build a relationship of trust with your funders and making the management process more orderly. 

It is extremely important that grant funds are expended in a timely manner in accordance with the proposed program. Remember, the funding agency approved what was written in the grant proposal and they expect you to follow through on your intentions. They anticipate a “good faith” effort on the part of the grant recipient and will work with us if unexpected circumstances necessitate a modification of the approved grant application or budget.