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Administrative Procedure 2950 - Procedures for Crisis Response


The purpose of this administrative procedure is to ensure effective utilization of school-based and non-school based personnel when a crisis occurs in a school.

About This Procedure

Last Revised: April 1, 2012


Related Policies and Procedures

  • Administrative Procedure 5162, Emergency Care in School;
  • Administrative Procedure 6114.7, Emergency Operations – Under Condition of Actual or Threatened Fire or Explosion - Bomb Threats - Bomb Devices or Suspicious Packages;
  • Administrative Procedure 6115, Emergency Procedures-Under Conditions of Armed Suspects in Schools/on Grounds, Hostage/Barricade in School Facilities;
  • Administrative Procedure 6116, Emergency Procedures-Under Conditions of Unauthorized Departure of Student from School or Facility, Child Stealing/Kidnapping/Abduction; and
  • Administrative Procedure 10201, Disruptive Acts Requiring
    Security Measures