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Board Policy 0101 - Educational Equity


The Board of Education for the Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS), "the system", is committed to educational equity within our schools and work sites in order to foster conditions that reduce disproportionality in student achievement and performance.

It is the intent of the Board of Education that the students and staff members throughout PGCPS work, learn, and interact in schools and work sites that affirm diverse backgrounds, acknowledge the disparity of opportunities for, both, the students and communities the system serves, as well as promote educational equity in achievement and performance.

It is the belief of the Board of Education that closing the achievement gap is not just about instruction; it is the way that we think about, understand, and believe in the potential and capabilities of our students, as well as their families and communities, and how we effectively interact with them.

The Board of Education recognizes that students who may have certain social identifiers, have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and/or live in communities that lack performance index measures will need access to resources that other students do not need, or have access to, in order to get the full benefits of the system.

Both the Board of Education and the system shall, through all actions, prioritize educational equity by removing institutional barriers and ensuring that social identifiers, ACEs, and/or Community Performance Index measures are not obstacles to accessing educational opportunities and supports.

The Board of Education further affirms the right of all students to have equitable access to a quality education that promotes college and career readiness, social/emotional learning, and supports the holistic wellbeing of the student.

About This Policy

Revised: April 25, 2019