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Board Policy 0113 - School Boundaries - Attendance Areas

The Board of Education authorizes the Chief Executive Officer to develop asystem of school boundaries, also known as attendance areas.

The Board of Education is committed to making the most economical and practical use of its physical resources in the implementation of its educational programs. As such, school boundaries will be developed as to best utilize available school facilities in support of educational objectives by full consideration of school capabilities, capacities, transportation, and student assignment stability. The following guidance applies:

  1. Each school should operate within its established capacity in keeping with the five-year educational facility master plan.
  2. Available classroom space at nearby schools should be used to relieve overcrowding.
  3. Such usage is predicated on reasonable transportation distance and time.
  4. Contiguous areas should be established, as first Appropriate space within each school may be scheduled for board of education approved programs from outside the immediate contiguous attendance area.
  5. School attendance areas should include as many walking students as can be accommodated.
  6. Communities or areas reassigned to other schools should expect some stability and not be subject to yearly reassignment.
  7. Tentative attendance areas for any new schools should be presented at the time the project is conceived. Such factors as mobility of population and new residential development will affect the final proposed attendance area.

Policy Adopted as 0130 3/20/74

Policy Amended and Renumbered 0113 3/13/03

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 11/9/04

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 9/15/05

Policy Amended 4/29/10

Policy Amended 03/21/17

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Updated March 21, 2017