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Board Policy 0119 - Theory of Action


We, the Board of Education for Prince George's County Public Schools, do hereby set forth in this document our theory of action to effectuate the commitments in our statement of Core Beliefs and Commitments, namely, to create a high performing school district that educates all children to high standards and eliminates the achievement gap. This theory of action will provide a framework to drive forward and align goals, strategic plans, policies, budget, administrative actions, and The Bridge to Excellence Master Plan. Over time, we believe it will transform the culture of Prince George's County Public Schools to one of high performance rather than compliance.

Our theory of action builds on our beliefs about how children learn, the conditions that best promote learning, and the policies, management systems, and culture that best promote the commitment and high performance of adults. It also rests on our knowledge of the history and current state of urban education in the United States and the unique circumstances in Prince George's County Public Schools and the communities it serves. Finally, our theory of action springs from our commitment to American democracy and our beliefs about how democratic institutions should interact with and serve the people who own them.

About This Policy

Updated March 25, 2008