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Board Policy 0126 - Student Safety and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse


Child sexual abuse is among the most heinous of offenses. No one wants any of our students to be preyed upon by offenders, whether on our school grounds or in the community.

The Board of Education is committed to providing a quality education to all students in a safe and secure environment. Our goal is to promote a culture where administrators, teachers, staff, and community members recognize and report any and all suspicious or improper behavior; where students and staff are not afraid to speak up and bring to the attention of responsible adults matters of concerns; and where individuals are held accountable for ensuring the safety of students in our care.

Everyone in the school system has a shared responsibility to ensure the safety of our children and instill confidence in our parents and our community that we all have the well-being of their children foremost in our minds. This legal and moral obligation extends from the Board Member entrusted with the governance of the school district, to the teacher in the classroom, the bus driver who delivers our students to their school, the custodian in the building, the cafeteria worker serving meals and the many other employees assigned throughout the school system who work on behalf of our students.

About This Policy

Updated July 19, 2016