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Support Positions Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I know if my application is complete?

Applicants receive an electronic e-mail confirmation after successful submission of a completed application. 

What if I have no recent work experience, how will I get a reference?

A letter from a place you have volunteered is an acceptable reference as well

What if my education was outside of the United States?

Your transcript needs to be evaluated by accredited agency

Can I send paper copies or email attachments of my education or other documents?

No the online application is the primary source of information about the candidates. 

What if I am having trouble scanning/uploading my diploma?

Contact 301.780.2191

Before and After Care Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements? 

Completion of a standard high school diploma with at least two years of volunteer or paid experience working with children. You must be at least 19 years of age 

Do you need any certifications?

For full time position you will need a Child Care Card. This is not required for substitute position.

Clerical Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a typing assessment?

We do not require a typing assessment.

Food and Nutrition Services Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have Food Service Experience? 

It is preferred however it is not required. 

Do you you need any certifications?

It depends on the position. Some positions require that you have specific food handlers experience and license 

Are you paid more if you have food services certification?

No, however it will assist you with advancement.

Do you offer certification training?

Courses are offered through ERO for all food services employees.

Health Services Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements? 

We are currently hiring Registered Nurses with a minimum of an Associate's Nursing Degree; Bachelor's Degree is preferred with at least 2 years of pediatric nursing experience 

Are you hiring LPN’s?  

No, not at this time 

Do you hire CNA’s?

No, not at this time.

Transportation Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a CDL before interviewing?

You do not need your CDL before interviewing. However, you will need to obtain the CDL Learners Permit with passenger and school bus endorsements before enrolling in the training class. 

What are the requirements?

Please refer to our "Required Documents" section of our page. 

Do I need a High School Diploma or GED?

HS Diploma is no longer required for Bus Drivers, however it is still a requirement for Bus Attendants

Do you provide paid training?

Yes, training is paid.  

I have a CDL, does my experience count towards my starting salary?

All new permanent drivers start at $18.78/hr. 

Am I able to use my high school diploma from another country?

High school diplomas and degrees from other countries need to be evaluated. See list of approved organizations for evaluations.