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Board Bylaw 9367- Meetings-Quorum and Adoption of Formal Action


Eight (8) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

No Motion or Resolution may be declared adopted without the concurrence of eight (8) voting members of the Board where the Student Member is entitled by law to vote. In cases where the Student Member may not vote in accordance with State law, a Motion or Resolution may be declared adopted with the concurrence of seven (7) voting members. A proposed action of the Chief Executive Officer may not be rejected unless nine (9) Members of the Board vote to reject the proposed action.

When there are two or more vacancies on the Board, seven (7) affirmative votes are required for the passage of a motion when the Student Member if voting and six (6) affirmative votes are required when the Student Member is not voting.

Legal Reference: Md. Code Ann., Education Article §3-1004

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Updated September 26, 2013