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Board Bylaw 9500 - Reform Governance-Pay for Performance


The Board of Education recognizes the challenge of recruiting, hiring and retaining highly qualified and National Board Certified teachers and administrators in hard to fill subject areas, and in schools where children are underachieving. Teachers and administrators have the first responsibility to deliver and execute the highest level of instructional excellence. As such, they must be equipped with the skills and talents to:

  • set goals that reflect a belief that all children can and will achieve at high levels;
  • facilitate and nurture a home, school and community connection;
  • evaluate every student's need(s) and effectively communicate the progress of every student;
  • deliver instruction commensurate to an individual student's need;
  • determine the educational "next steps" that will facilitate each student's steady progress through the instructional levels from Pre-K to graduation;
  • ensure students develop academic competencies that prepare them to graduate college and/or career ready.

The Board of Education thereby establishes a pay for performance policy to reform teacher and administrator compensation systems so that teachers and administrators are rewarded for increases in student achievement and, ultimately, to ensure the adequate preparation of all teachers, principals and related administrators.

Board Oversight

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to develop a comprehensive pay-for- performance plan that provides financial incentives for teachers and administrators who, voluntarily, commit to:

  • work in hard to staff schools and subject areas; and
  • participate in professional development; and
  • demonstrate positive academic results for students; and
  • undergo rigorous professional


The Superintendent will provide the Board of Education quarterly updates/evaluations in January, April, August and December. The updates will include:

  • formative and summative data on the pay-for-performance program;
  • number of teachers and administrators (by school) participating in the program; and
  • the extent to which the program has proven successful in raising academic performance among students; and
  • needed adjustments in the program, if any; and
  • a timeline/markers to indicate next steps for program expansion (when warranted) to other schools and other employee categories.

About This Policy

Updated June 26, 2009