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Equitable Teaching & Learning Environments

Students are at the heart of our work and our plans. High-quality teaching and learning leaves a lasting mark on their lives. Cultivating world-class talent within our district — educators who embody excellence and inspire greatness in others — will be a priority. It is our collective duty to offer both a culture and compensation that attracts and retains the best educators, empowering them to impact the lives of our students. I am committed to ensuring our staff is adequately compensated, respected and protected.

This fall, six new schools will open, including five middle schools in August and one K-8 academy in November. Construction is also underway in other school communities across the county. This signals a step forward in innovative and collaborative approaches to entrenched challenges. These new schools signal an historic investment in school modernization. I am committed to ensuring equitable teaching, learning and working environments across the school system. An investment in new schools is an investment in our students’ future.

In reviewing our academic performance priorities, we will focus on unique student groups, including students with special needs, English language learners, kindergartners, students experiencing homelessness and ninth-graders. While PGCPS continues to make progress in several standardized assessments, gaps in academic outcomes persist across grade levels, subject areas, and student groups. 

Moving the dial and raising the bar in these areas will help to ensure that all students are college-ready, prepared for fulfilling careers and life in a global society. 

In the first 90 days, we will:

  • Analyze data, initiatives and assessments with curriculum, instructional and accountability leaders to identify areas of focus and support.
  • Update special education, literacy and English Learner strategic plans. 
  • Enhance systemic mathematics focus to include professional development and support for families.
  • Open and license all Vendor Managed Child Care Program Sites.
  • Open new schools and academic programs, including the Blueprint Schools, high school Spanish Immersion program, two Judy Centers, three middle school autism programs.
  • Work cross-divisionally to facilitate implementation of grading policy changes. 
  • Design and implement a framework for integrating AI tools into classroom instruction. 
  • Implement grassroots strategies for ongoing employee recruitment efforts, increased brand awareness and stronger university partnerships.
  • Continue collaboration with labor partners to fill critical shortage areas and meet the needs of our dedicated staff.