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Guiding Questions and Focus Areas

Guiding Questions

  1. What are you most excited about or proud of in Prince George’s County Public Schools?
  2. What characteristics are most important to you in a high-quality school?
  3. What are the priorities I should focus on to build the community support needed for the important work ahead?
  4. What commitments are you willing to make to ensure short-term and long-term success for our students?
  5. What else should I know?

Focus Areas

As Superintendent, I will prioritize and set high expectations in key areas to ensure a safe, productive and equitable learning environment where our students can focus on learning and our communities engage as thought partners.  We will set high expectations and provide a pathway to achievement at the highest levels by focusing on the following areas:

Equitable Teaching & Learning Environments 

Within my first 90 days, I am committed to analyzing our policies, programs and practices to ensure equity at every stage of the academic experience.  Learn more about Equitable Teaching & Learning Environments

Proactive Safety & Safety

As we begin to roll out new safety measures within our schools, I am committed to monitoring their effectiveness and evaluating our procedures to create a safe and secure environment for all members of the PGCPS community. Learn more about Proactive Safety & Security

Strong Operational & Financial Core

I am committed to exploring ways to infuse innovation and collaboration across district operations towards greater efficiency and effectiveness. I am holding myself accountable for ensuring transparency and good fiscal stewardship. Learn more about our Strong Operational & Financial Core

Meaningful Family & Community Engagement

Feedback and input are essential in shaping a district that is representative, responsive and serving the needs of all students. I am committed to meeting with all stakeholders — staff, public officials, labor partners, community organizations and many more — to understand how to effectively engage partners at every level.Learn more about Meaningful Family & Community Engagement