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Strong Operational & Financial Core

As one of the nation's largest school districts, our school teams, central office employees and support staff strive to work harmoniously in catering to students' diverse needs. With collaborative and innovative approaches, we can streamline the approach for engaging and supporting schools, thus ensuring an equitable educational journey for  students. 

In reviewing our operational and financial core, I will take a look at the organizational structure to ensure support for schools and students through in-depth consultations with our budget and finance, human resources, facilities, transportation, procurement and legal teams. 

Our goal: Ensure alignment between organizational capacity and strategic plan objectives for student success.

In the first 90 days, we will:

  • Improve the registration and enrollment experience for students, parents and schools with better workload distribution, new reporting systems for more timely notification and increased staff support.
  • Explore efficiencies and opportunities to support on-time, safe transportation of all eligible students 
  • Prioritize cyber attack incident response and recovery.
  • Begin revamping the school-based budgeting process to align with the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future legislation.
  • Procure and begin implementation of a new student information system.
  • Expand Canvas Learning Management System to all 6-12 grade classrooms
  • Release the Transformation 2026 strategic plan Critical Success Indicators (CSI) data dashboard to provide greater visibility of systemic improvement initiatives.
  • Complete the state-required Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.
  • Complete tracking and spending of all federal ESSER II pandemic recovery funds.
  • Continue Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) implementation.
  • Manage Blueprint Schools Phase I (maintenance/service agreement implementation) and Phase II (planning/design, funding and construction)
  • Design and implement a comprehensive business continuity plan for the school district.
  • Initiate a leadership program to increase diversity of school leaders with a focus on Latinx/Hispanic aspiring leaders
  • Continue integrating equity considerations into existing initiatives and structures. 
  • Modernize serving and dining areas in multiple middle and high schools with new equipment, redesign and enhancement of dining areas.