• On Wednesday, May 6, State Superintendent of Education Dr. Karen Salmon announced that all Maryland public schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. A letter from CEO Dr. Monica Goldson is forthcoming with more information.

    El miércoles, 6 de mayo, la Dra. Karen Salmon, superintendente de educación del estado, anunció que todas las escuelas públicas de Maryland permanecerán cerradas por el resto del año escolar 2019-20. Próximamente se enviará una carta de la Dra. Monica Goldson, directora ejecutiva, con más información.

    Le mercredi 6 mai, la Surintendante de l'éducation de l’État, Dr Karen Salmon, a annoncé que toutes les écoles publiques du Maryland resteront fermées pour le reste de l’année scolaire 2019-2020. Une lettre de la Directrice exécutive, Dr Monica Goldson, suivra avec plus d'informations.

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  • New Charter School Application Process and Timeline

    New Charter School Application Process and Timeline


    Letter of Intent and Prospectus

    Thank you for your interest in starting a new public charter school in Prince George's County, Maryland. 

    To comply with Governor Hogan's announcement of school district closings, Prince George's County Public School System has canceled the deadline for submitting a new charter school application until further notice. At this time, there is no timetable on when the application process will resume.  

    Full Application (only approved applicants)

    Board Of Education Decision Announced 


    Step 1:  Principle Interest Form Notice of Intent to Apply:

     This is the first required step in applying to be approved as an operator of a charter school is the Principle Interest Form.   The form provides the authorizer, Prince George’s County Board of Education, that a potential proposal may be submitted. This form is required but does not obligate the applicant to submit a prospectus or an application. The notice form should be submitted to directly to loretta.white@pgcps.org.

    When returning the form, place in the Subject Line: “Starting a Charter School”. 

    Click here to open the Principle Interest Form: Starting a Public Charter School


    Step 2: Prospectus:  (Maximum 10 pages)

    Starting in 2017, all applicants are required to submit a prospectus (preliminary application) that summarizes the charter proposal prior to submission of a full application. The prospectus provides the applicant the opportunity to research the needs, analysis and justification for approving the new charter school. This is also the introduction to the planned programmatic features of the charter school that will address the needs of the students and the district. The prospectus may be submitted after the Principal Interest Form. Click here for the PGCPS Charter School Prospectus


    Step 3:  Prospectus Review and Debriefing

     The technical review of prospectus is an assessment of the proposed program and the value it might add to the district. The debriefing provides an opportunity for the applicant to discuss ad receive feedback about the strengths and challenges of the prospectus. The information gathered during the debriefing should be helpful in developing a strong charter school application. Review team will consensus on the target date for the applicant to submit the full charter school application (30 days from notification that prospectus has been approved to move to the next step).


    Step 4:  Full Charter School Application

     The full application is submitted by the applicant that provides a comprehensive description of the school from an instructional, operational and governance perspective. The applicant is required to demonstrate proficiency to a series of questions throughout the application template. Responses are expected to be clearly articulate an understanding regarding the functions needed to fulfill the responsibility of planning, opening and operations of the new public charter school. This application serves as as guide to the information that may be in requested.

    Click here for the Sample - PGCPS Charter School Application


    Step 5: Approval Process

     The final step in the application process includes the evaluation of the application and an interview with the applicant. A team of internal and external content specialists will thoroughly read and evaluate the application for merit and sound educational principles that will govern a high quality learning environment. An interview with the applicant is conducted to solicit clarifying answers to questions discovered during the evaluation of the application. The process culminates with a recommendation to the board of education for its review and approval or denial. A final decision will be rendered within 120 days of the receipt of the application. If the application is denied, a debriefing is held to share concerns.  The applicant may appeal the denial to the State Board of Education.