• What are the PARCC tests?

    The PARCC tests measure whether students are meeting new, higher academic standards and are mastering the knowledge and skills they need to progress in their K-12 education and beyond. These tests capture more complex skills like critical-thinking, persuasive writing, and problem-solving – skills that were not measured on previous state tests. Scores may look different on this new test compared to previous assessments. Low scores do not mean students are learning less. Instead, low scores mean the tests have changed and the state has asked students to meet a higher bar.

  • PARCC Suite of Assessments

    The PARCC assessment system is made up of:

    • Annual Tests: English language arts/literacy, and mathematics tests in grades 3-8 and high school. 
    • Instructional Tools: Tools teachers may use at their discretion anytime during the school year. These include formative tasks for grades K-2, 3-8, and high school; diagnostic tools; speaking and listening tools; and performance-based modules.