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Distance Learning

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Our Reopening Plan is designed to provide a safe learning and working environment for prekindergarten through Grade 12 students and staff members amid the regional spread of COVID-19.

All students will receive daily distance learning opportunities in “real time” with their teachers. They will have access to instructional materials for use at home during distance learning, including materials for Early Learning, Creative and Performing Arts, Career and Technical Education, Special Education and Montessori. Each student will receive instructional materials based on grade level and course of study. If they do not have one at home, students will be provided a technology device to attend classes, access online platforms, complete assignments and communicate with teachers. Assignments will be graded and recorded in SchoolMax.

Distance learning for the start of school will follow each student’s individual schedule. All student schedules for the 2020-2021 school year will be available in the SchoolMax parent portal by August 21. Attendance will be taken daily. Teacher planning time will take place during the student independent practice times, breaks or designated planning times.

Additional supports for English Learners (ELs) and special needs students will be provided by classroom teachers and certified specialists, such as ESOL teachers and special educators. 

Questions about the Reopen Plan? Contact Dr. Kara Libby, Strategic Initiatives Officer at