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Attendance and Grading During Distance Learning


Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) continues to follow the state and local guidance in collection of student and teacher attendance. There is currently a procedure in place to identify the process in which attendance is both collected and reported for both students and teachers. 

PGCPS is responsible for identifying, collecting and transmitting data to local, state and federal agencies for purposes of compliance, accountability and school system funding for student attendance. Strong monitoring of systems, implementation of a streamlined process, and using objective and accurate data related to attendance collection is crucial. Physical and virtual attendance of staff and students will be collected in the 2020-2021 school year and daily attendance procedures will be communicated so all stakeholders know PGCPS’ definition of being considered present. 

Attendance for Students During Distance Learning 

For all distance learning platforms, students not present on days live instruction occurs will be considered absent. 

On days when students are unable to attend scheduled classes due to illness, parent work schedule, and child care; parents must communicate the reason for the student’s absence via email to the student's classroom teacher. All work assigned during the student’s absence remains required for submission. Live recordings and student assignments will be made available to students via Google Classroom. 

During distance learning only, technical issues such as broken equipment or internet outages must be immediately communicated to the student’s teacher and designated school staff so support can be provided as soon as possible. A new absence reason code, has been created to reflect when students are unable to participate in live instruction due to technological difficulties. Although parents may see “absent” reflected in SchoolMax for the day the issue occurred, the student will be considered “present” when the new absence reason code “TC” is entered.

  • Elementary Schools

    • Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each day in SchoolMax. 

    • For Pre-K - third grade students who are unable to check in during live instruction, parents must ensure that the check in is completed before the next instructional day. If parents are unable to check in that day, please contact your child’s teacher via email so assistance can be provided. 

  • Secondary Schools (Middle and High School) 

    • Teachers can use a variety of ways to determine students’ presence for a class such as: 

      • taking roll to assess each student’s attendance and enter the “present” or “absent” status directly into SchoolMax each period; 

      • using the Zoom reports (that displays student’s PGCPS login information) to validate student’s attendance; or 

      • using the first assignment of the day as a student check-in. An assignment is set in the Google Classroom for a set period of time and students must login and check in within that period of time. 

  • Evening Programs

    • Students attending evening programs on Tuesday and Thursday will be marked “present” when they submit asynchronous assignments or are in attendance for scheduled live instruction according to program requirements.

Attendance for Students During Face-to-Face Hybrid 

  • Face-to-Face Hybrid Model of Instruction: Teachers will take daily/period attendance of face-to-face learners in SchoolMax on days students are scheduled to physically attend school. 

  • For days students are scheduled for asynchronous/distance learning, a reason code (DL - Distance Learning) will be used in SchoolMax for students who complete the check in assignment. This assignment will be set in the Google Classroom and students must login and complete the check in as designated by the teacher. 

  • The DL code denotes the student was present for asynchronous instruction. 

  • Students who do not complete the check in assignment will be considered absent. Pre-K through third grade students are exempt from this requirement. 

The Technology Instructional Team (T3) will provide training for teachers on how to access Zoom reports for Attendance. School-based attendance manager monitors and ensures fidelity and reporting of daily attendance. For additional information on our attendance procedures, please see Administrative Procedure AP 5113. 

Student attendance for Wednesday instruction will occur as follows: 

A student will be counted as present in SchoolMax, if the student does one or more of the following: 

  • Submit an assignment to one of their teachers; 
  • Engage in synchronous instruction or tutoring with an PGCPS teacher; 
  • Meet online with a PGCPS teacher or service provider; or 
  • Complete work in our supplemental online education tools where applicable (i.e.  DreamBox, i-Ready and iRead)

Dress Code and Uniform Expectations

During the distance learning phase of instruction (August 31 - January 29) students are not expected to wear a school uniform.  Students must adhere to the system-wide dress code which requires students to dress appropriately.  Further details can be found in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  When a decision is made concerning the reopening of schools, individual schools, with uniform policies, will determine the feasibility of continuing the school year with or without a uniform as it may be difficult to acquire school uniform attire mid-year.

Disconnected Youth

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is committed to ensuring that 100% of our enrolled students are participating in distance learning. With the support of nonprofit partners, Community School Coordinators and Pupil Personnel Workers, PGCPS will coordinate virtual home visits, phone calls, and distribution of technology devices directly to students to ensure they are fully engaged in the virtual learning experience.


Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is committed to providing our students with an educational program based on instructional practices that are rooted in educational research and support student achievement. To support these efforts and establish a system where assignments and assessment both inform and drive instruction as well as provide an accurate measure of a student’s academic achievement, we will incorporate an equitable grading practice in every content area to ensure all learners’ academic success is measured with fidelity.

A systemic grading procedure provides guidance to administrators and teachers in the implementation of the grading and reporting systems to be used in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and Grades 1 through 12 in all elementary, middle, and high schools and regional centers in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Progress Reports and Report Cards for the 2020-2021 School Year

During the 2020-2021 school year, progress report grades and report card grades will be available in SchoolMax after every marking period.  Students will be able to log into SchoolMax to view their grades at any time throughout the school year.  Parents can also receive an account to access their child's grades on the SchoolMax family portal.  Report cards will be printed and mailed home to all families at the end of 2nd quarter and 4th quarter.