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Digital Tools Available For Teacher and Student Use

Digital Tools Overview

The digital tools described below may be used by your child and/or their teachers during synchronous or asynchronous instruction.   All tools are available through Clever.

Each tool’s purpose, audience and availability is described in the charts below.

Essential Tools  Engagement Tools Content Creation Virtual Whiteboards Elementary School Tools Middle School Tools High School Tools

Essential Tools

These are tools that every teacher should be using on a daily basis.

Tool Purpose Audience------ Availability Get Help
Google Classroom
Digital platform that streamlines the distribution and collection of resources and assignments between teachers and students. PreK - 12------District-wide Google Classroom Assistance
Video ConferencingHost live virtual meetings or instructional sessions with various audiences. PreK-12-----Licensed accounts available to all instructional staff. Basic accounts available to all staff. Zoom Assistance
Screencastify is a Chrome browser extension that allows users to record their screen, face, voice, and more. It can be used by teachers to create instructional videos for learners to access asynchronously.  Video creation: Staff Only----District-wide “Unlimited” license for staff  
Portal that brings all digital tools and textbooks into a secure portal for access by teachers and students. PreK-12----District-wide Clever Login Assistance


Suite of learning and classroom management tools. Teacher Dashboard -  allows the teacher to view and access all the work learners do in Google Suite.Student Dashboard - Students can access resources, assignments, announcements, and grades across all of their Google Classrooms. PreK-12 -----Teachers and students will have access to Dashboards.Highlights will only provide access on PGCPS Chromebooks, not iPads.  

Engagement Tools

Allow teachers to create activities that encourage active student interaction with the content. 

Tool Purpose Audience------ Availability
Create interactive video lessons by adding your own voice and/or questions (multiple choice or open-ended) throughout the video. PreK-12Adult Learners----District License
Flipgrid is a free website that allows teachers to create "grids" to pose questions or activity prompts.  Students can post video responses and respond to each others’ posts. PreK-12Adult Learners----Free (access with Google login)

Nearpod allows teachers to design interactive lessons, K-12.The "live lesson" feature allows for teachers to send interactive presentations & activities to student devices and control what students see and do on their screens.Student-paced lessons allow students to work through teacher-provided activities at their own pace. Teachers receive real-time feedback from students. PreK-12Adult Learners----District License
Pear Deck
Interactive presentation and lesson delivery tool that allows teachers to embed interactive elements for formative assessment, social-emotional checks into their Google Slides presentations. Create from scratch or start from a template.Allows for instructor lead or self paced lessons. PreK-12Adult Learners----District License*Licenses to be available by 8/15
SMART Learning Suite Online
Create assessments, interactive lessons and game based activities. Lessons can be teacher or student paced. PreK-12----District License


Content Creation 

Digital tools that encourage student engagement and creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking during instruction.

Tool Purpose Audience------ Availability
G Suite for Education
G Suite for Education is a collection of productivity tools including:
  • Gmail (communication)
  • Google Drive (file storage/sharing)
  • Google Docs (text editing)
  • Google Slides (presentations)
  • Google Forms (quizzes/surveys)
  • Google Drawings (text/images)
PreK-12Adult Learners----District-wide
Adobe SPARK is a creation platform that allows users to create graphics, sites, and/or videos with ease. PreK-12Adult Learners----District-wide
Book Creator
Book Creator allows students and/or teachers to combine text, images, video, and audio to create and publish books and multimedia resources. PreK-12Adult Learners----District-wide
Kami is an online document annotation and markup tool, used primarily in the classroom. Teachers and students can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in PDF and other document formats. Annotations such as text boxes, shapes and images can be added with work shared via Google Drive and/or Google Classroom. PreK-12Adult Learners----All Schools*Licenses should be active by 8/1
Youtube is a video creation, storage and curation tool for creating and delivering content. Video Creation: Staff and users 13+Viewing: PK-12; Adult----District-wide


Virtual Whiteboards

Digital tools that students or teachers can use to draw or annotate.

Tool Purpose Audience------ Availability
Jamboard app
(G Suite)
Collaborative digital whiteboard that can include multiple pages.  PreK-12Adult Learners----District-wide
Zoom Whiteboard
During a live Zoom meeting, the host can share a “whiteboard” screen.  PK-12---All Zoom hosts

Elementary School Tools

Digital tools available to elementary students in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Content Area Tool Program Description Audience------ Availability
Reading/English Language Arts LC-logo-iread.png
Adaptive software allows for uniquely tailored instruction and practice for every child while a virtual staff of dynamic faculty members guide children through lessons targeting phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonics, decoding, word recognition, fluency, and morphological awareness. Grades K-2----District-wide
LC-logo-iready.pngi-Ready i-Ready is an interactive online learning environment designed to assess students and provide individualized instruction based on each one's unique needs. Grades 3-5 ----District-wide
  Literacy Pro is a digital library that provides K-6 students with multiple leveled texts for independent reading, based on their interest, grade,  and/or reading level.  The platform also includes audio books, reading assessments, comprehension quizzes, and opportunities for students to write book reviews.  Teachers and students are  able to review student progress on a daily basis.  Grade K-6 elementary schools----District-wide


 Video: How to Use DreamBox


DreamBox is an online math program that is both engaging and proven to boost your child's math performance. Whether your learner is a math whiz or needs help filling in some gaps, the DreamBox platform provides your child with the individualized lessons they need to succeed. Grade K-6 elementary schools----District-wide
Social Studies LC-logo-ixl-learning.png
IXL is personalized learning! Featuring a comprehensive curriculum, the IXL Real-Time Diagnostic, and actionable analytics, IXL delivers content and skill acquisition   to help students reach their full potential. IXL is proven to accelerate learning. Social Studies 2-8Math 6-8 Grades 2-6, Social Studies----District-wide
The Achievers Book Series
All are welcome and represented in the world of The Achievers. A body-positive, culturally-diverse, & incredibly ambitious cast focusing on 5 specific areas of achievement: leadership, entrepreneurship, athleticism, environmentalism, and creativity.  Grades K-1, Social Studies----District-wide
Immersion LC-logo-imagine-learning-espanol.png
Imagine Learning
Imagine Español is a personalized learning solution that accelerates grade-level reading and language proficiency in Spanish for students in gradesK–2. Students enrolled in the Spanish Immersion Program, K-2
Montessori LC-logo-math-shelf.png
Math Shelf
Math Shelf is the first scientifically proven tablet number sense curriculum. Primary GradesAges3, 4, & 5 

Middle School Tools 

Digital tools available to middle school students in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Content Area Tool Program Description Audience------ Availability
Mathematics LC-logo-mathia.png
This blended intervention program will focus on content that is connected with targeted standards and skills to help students bridge skill gaps in the Mathematics Fluency Course. Students will have access to weekly virtual tutoring and teachers will have access to formative data and real-time reports to drive purposeful instruction.  Grades 6-8----District-wide
i-Ready is an online program used in mathematics to  help a student's teacher(s) determine a student's needs, personalize their learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year. Grades 6-8----District-wide
Mobius Mathematics Each notebook targets a domain in the Maryland College and Career Standards  and custom notebooks align with the district's scope and sequence.  Notebooks have pages arranged into assignments that are both printable and interactive. Pages and assignments can be used in whatever capacity they are needed, including instruction, practice, class discussions, and homework. Grades 6-8 ----District-wide
Social Studies LC-logo-ixl-learning.png
IXL is personalized learning! Featuring a comprehensive curriculum, the IXL Real-Time Diagnostic, and actionable analytics, IXL delivers content and skill acquisition   to help students reach their full potential. IXL is proven to accelerate learning.  Grades 6-8, Social Studies and Mathematics----District-wide
DBQ Project
DBQ Online takes the DBQ Project to a whole new level. Teachers and students have the tools to read and annotate documents, take notes, organize or “bucket” evidence, and write papers in our online environment.  Grades 6-8 ----District-wide

High School Tools

Digital tools available to high school students in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Content Area Tool Program Description Audience------ Availability
Reading/English Language Arts LC-logo-achieve-3000.png
Achieve 3000
Achieve 3000 steadily increases students' ability to read, comprehend, apply, and communicate information derived from complex text.  As a student’s reading comprehension grows, tasks are differentiated to keep rigor at the forefront of his/her reading experience.  This program covers standards  in the Reading English Language Arts Curriculum (RELA) by providing students with additional learning opportunities specifically related to reading standards.  Grades 9-10----Select Schools
Mathematics LC-logo-mathia.png
MATHia is a resource that gives every student their very own math coach. Students enrolled in courses up to Algebra 2 will work through pre-assigned workspaces aligned to current learning. Students learn and master new skills and concepts through this personalized learning experience.  It recognizes multiple approaches to problem-solving and uses that information to help students understand why they got something wrong and guide them through each skill until they demonstrate mastery.  The Progress Meter and Reports give a view into each student’s learning challenges and successes, allowing the teacher to provide more individualized support where needed.  Teachers and administrators can use LIVELAB to monitor student and class program use in real-time.  The student, class and leadership reports all provide opportunities to analyze student performance, make additional instructional decisions and program adjustments where needed for student success. Grades 9-12----District-wide