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MAP Resources

Our school will be administering a new reading assessment called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in Reading. Last year, Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) used the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) to measure your child's reading skills. PGCPS is no longer using the SRI and is now administering the MAP Reading assessment.

MAP reading is taken on a computer and is used to determine each student's instructional level. The assessment will also allow schools to measure individual academic growth in reading. Your child will take the initial MAP assessment during the Fall, a second administration in the Winter, and then a final administration in the Spring.

MAP is a computer-adaptive assessment that adapts to your child's level of learning and measures specific areas of reading such as Literature, Informational Text, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use in grades 210. MAP assessments can be shorter than traditional standardized tests and use less class time, yet still provide detailed, accurate information about your child's growth. Since the test takes less time, it may be administered in one or two class periods, depending on the test schedule at our school.

Reading Resources for MAP

Accomodations/Modifications for MAP

MAP Practice