Life Skills (LST)

The Life Skills Training Program (LST), currently included in the seventh grade health curriculum and offered to 4th, 5th, 6th grade students in selected elementary schools, is a research based, Center for Disease Control (CDC) approved prevention program.

The main goals of Life Skills Training are to teach prevention-related information, promote anti-drug norms, teach drug refusal skills, and foster the development of personal self-management skills and general social skills.  LST is an interactive program using a multi-sensory approach designed to educate students through the use of role play, guided practice, small group activities, and discussion. Program topics of this sequential curriculum include Self-Esteem, Decision-Making, Smoking Information, Alcohol, Marijuana, Advertising, Dealing With Stress, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Assertiveness.

Evaluation studies show that the Life Skills Training Program, properly delivered, can reduce tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use up to 87% and reduce multiple drug use up to 66%. It is effective for all ethnicities, in both urban and suburban settings.

Participating elementary schools are provided all materials, including a trained LST instructor to present the program in 16 weekly sessions of 45 minutes each and consumable workbooks for each student.

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