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Test Administration

The Test Administration Unit manages the annual administration of all local, state, and federally mandated assessments at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The Test Administration Unit also provides resources, professional development, and support to all elementary, middle, and high schools


  • Oversee and monitor national, state, and county assessments, providing resources, professional development, and ongoing support to schools and offices.

Major Responsibility

  • Work closely with STCs to ensure that all testing procedures are followed and appropriate test security measures are implemented. 
  • Provide information and training to better prepare staff for test administration and testing issues. 
  • Attend Local Accountability (LAC) meetings organized by MSDE in an effort to collect and disseminate information pertinent to the county. 


  • To reduce and minimize testing violations and testing incidents in all PGCPS schools by improving testing security procedures and protocols. 
  • To build the capacity of school test coordinators to understand, interpret, and effectively communicate test results and other student data or reports.

Contact Information

Phone: 301-702-3860