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Board of Education

14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone No.
Fax No.
301 952-6114

The Prince George's County Board of Education is comprised of nine elected, four appointed and one student board members.

Board of Education Members.jpg

Top row (left to right): Board Chair Judy Mickens-Murray, Vice Chair Lolita E. Walker, District 1 David Murray, District 2 Jonathan Briggs, District 3 Pamela Boozer-Strother, District 4 Shayla Adams-Stafford, District 5 Appointed Dr. Zipporah Miller, Bottom row: District 6 Branndon D. Jackson, District 7 Dr. Kenneth F. Harris II, District 8 Appointed Madeline LaSalle Frazier,  Appointed Dr. Juanita Miller, Appointed Jocelyn Route, Student Board Member Rayne Rivera-Forbes

Upcoming Events

Board of Education meetings are now in person at the Sasscer Administration Building.  Public Hearings and Committee meetings will remain virtual.


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