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Are You in The Bus Zone?

Students within walking distance to school who have safe pedestrian routes will no longer receive a bus.

Who may no longer be eligible to ride the bus?

PGCPS provides safe transportation to and from school for enrolled students living beyond one and one-half (1.5) for elementary students and two (2) miles or more for middle and high school students from their assigned schools. Reference AP 3541 for more details. Students who do not meet these criteria may no longer receive a school bus assignment.

How will you determine if my child’s route to school is safe?

PGCPS will conduct annual safety audits of all assigned stops within each school's walk zone to determine walk boundary exceptions and identify safety barriers. A consistent and fair process will be established for reviewing all walk zones.

What happens if my child’s walking route is determined to be unsafe?

Walking path obstacles may include construction zones, lack of pedestrian crossings, and unsafe traffic conditions without designated pedestrian zones. Walk zone audits are handled on a case by case basis. In the case a walking route is deemed unsafe, a school bus will be assigned. A consistent and fair process will be established for reviewing all walk zones.

What if my child’s walk route is determined to be safe, however, I disagree?

Appeals to walk route decisions can be made by submitting documentation to the transportation team through our Transportation Resolution System. The appropriate supervisor will review the requests, moving up to the Director of Transportation if needed.

How do I request a bus stop change?

Stop changes will only be considered when a stop distance exceeds the guidelines outlined in Administrative Procedure 3541 - Student Transportation, or when there is an extenuating circumstance that is determined to jeopardize student safety. Use our Transportation Resolution System to begin the process of any requests.