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3D Scholars

3D Scholars Ceremony.jpgAT-A-GLANCE

GRADES SERVED: 9-12; Students must demonstrate college readiness before 11th grade.

LOCATIONS: Charles H. Flowers HS

PROGRAM INFO: College Readiness

WEBSITE: 3D Scholars



The Prince George's 3D Scholars Program is a specialized program through which students earn credits towards an associate's degree while in high school, then immediately transition to Prince George's Community College (PGCC) to complete their associates degree, and are then awarded a scholarship to University of Maryland Global Campus to earn their bachelor's degree. Available courses of study: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Computer Networks and Cybersecurity. The name "3D" stands for the three degrees earned in the program; high school diploma (PGCPS), associate's degree (PGCPS), bachelor's degree University of Maryland Global Campus. Only 50 seats are available for incoming 9th graders.

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Program Features

Students obtain 3 degrees.  The entire program is at a cost of $10,000 or less for participating students.  Students receive individual counseling and advisement as well as wrap-around services to support them with degree completion.

Choose this program if your child...

  • Excels in above-grade level coursework
  • Is interested in Business, Criminal Justice or Cybersecurity
  • Is interested in obtaining an undergraduate degree but may not have the finances set aside


Who can apply

Rising 9th grade students may apply.

When to apply